How Often Do You Inspect My Property?

How Often Do You Inspect My Property?

We inspect homes before tenants move into them, and also when tenants move out so that we can ensure that the home is returned in the same condition that it was given to them. If any discrepancies are found, we hold tenants responsible for any damages or cleaning if necessary.

Before tenants move in, we do a very thorough inspection. We take anywhere from 200-300 pictures of the property. We like to document its condition because pictures don’t lie and pictures don’t forget. Once a tenant moves in, we do regular routine inspections to make sure the tenants are taking care of the property. And when the time comes and the tenants move out, again we do a very detailed and thorough inspection.

We also inspect homes regularly while they’re occupied to ensure that tenants are maintaining them. You can also request additional inspections at no cost.

Comparing the initial inspection before the tenants moved in with the inspection after they’ve moved out, we’re able to use before and afters to see if there are any damages, any stains, or any landscaping that may not have been taken care of. And then those costs to put the home back to its condition prior to move-in are deducted from the tenant’s security deposit.

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