How Do You Screen Tenants?

How Do You Screen Tenants?

We have a very thorough tenant screening process. When prospects have applied for a rental home, we verify their employment and rental history. We also do a credit and full criminal background check as well.

We go two addresses deep on how they treated their last landlord, because how they treated them is how they’re going to treat us.

Where did they live? How much did they pay? Did they pay on time? Did they have any pets that they tried to sneak into the property? These are questions that we verify with every applicant.

Then we pull their credit and go even further. And this is something Ultimate Properties pays for – our owners don’t pay for any of this – we pull a criminal background. We look for any misdemeanors, felonies, sex offender status, and this comes at no cost to you.

And this is very important because we want our tenants to pay rent on time, and we want them to stay in our homes. We take it very serious – our tenant screening.

We talk to their former landlords. We want to know truly who are these tenants because, again, our fee structure is set up such that we don’t make money unless you’re making money. So the longer these tenants stay, and the better care they take of your property, happy client, happy manager, we all win.

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