What Is Your Fee Structure?

What Is Your Fee Structure?

It’s very simple: If we don’t collect the rent, we don’t get paid. Our fee structure is really simple. We charge you a percentage based on your rent. We will not nickel and dime you. We don’t have any hidden fees. There’s no lease fees, no maintenance fees, or renewal fees.

So our fee structure is super simple. It’s very easy for all our owners to remember. It is a base fee off of when a tenant pays rent.

What does an owner want? A tenant to stay in their house and pay the rent for a very long time. And they do really well if that happens. What does Ultimate Properties want? Where do we do the best as a company? Have a tenant pay rent and stay in the house a very long time. We both want the same things. It’s a true fiduciary relationship that works incredibly well.

So when the house is empty, you don’t get charged anything. If they don’t pay rent, you don’t get charged anything. We don’t have any marketing fees, no leasing fees, no renewal lease fees, no inspection fees, and no eviction fees. There are no hidden fees. We literally have one fee. When a tenant pays rent, we will take a commission. Every service we have is covered under that commission that we charge when a tenant pays rent.

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