What Happens If Something Breaks In My Rental?

What Happens If Something Breaks In My Rental?

Our office responds really quickly to any maintenance request. Tenants have an online portal that they can submit a request in 24 hours a day. We also have an emergency line for something that needs immediate attention, and that’s 24/7 as well – off hours.

If they put in a work order, we have our own troubleshooting. We figure out if that’s something that they can repair while they’re there, and if they broke it, they have to pay for it. We hold tenants accountable for their damages.

We also have a list of preferred vendors of people that we’ve worked with for a long time. We’ve already negotiated pricing. We wouldn’t use them if they didn’t give us good quality.

Probably the most important thing about maintenance is we don’t make any money off of our maintenance repairs from our owners’ rentals. And so there’s no markups or backend deals. You get to see the original invoice that we get billed. It gets uploaded to your portal so you feel like you know what’s going on. We’re very transparent.

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