How Do You Handle Evictions?

How Do You Handle Evictions?

Less than 1% of our tenants are evicted every year. We try to work with our tenants who are struggling. If they’re unable to pay their rent, we will start the eviction process and handle it for you from beginning to end. This process normally takes about 30 days.

We do handle all evictions for our owners. It comes at no additional charge. This is just part of the normal fee structure that our owners will pay with incoming rent. There’s no extra charge for evictions. That means that proper 5-day notices are sent out. Follow-up requests for payment are made. If the tenant still doesn’t make payment, then we’re going to file for an eviction.

We handle all the paperwork from beginning to end, getting court dates, issuing the writ, and if needed, a constable coming out. We do the whole thing. Our owners don’t have to worry about anything, and we don’t make any money off of evictions.

If we have to evict a tenant, it typically takes less than 30 days. We work closely with the tenants as well as attorneys to gain possession of your home as quickly as possible, as well as updating you throughout the whole process.

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